Seattle School Board Directors Eden Mack

It is my pleasure to endorse Rebeca Muñiz for Seattle School Board Pos. 3. Her balanced perspective, commitment to relationship building and expertise in racial equity, community organizing, and education policy will be most welcomed on the board.


Sen. Joe Nguyen

I’m so excited to endorse Rebeca Munñiz. Her vision for a school district that is compassionate, inclusive and responsive is inspiring. Rebeca is an experienced, effective advocate for education and will fight for all communities and students in her district and in the City.


Sen. Bob Hasegawa

As a labor organizer and social justice advocate who's pushed for racial impact statements and police accountability. I'm endorsing Rebeca because I know she will support worker rights and working families in their changing struggles in our education system, and advocate for racial equity


Councilmember M. Lorena González

As a citywide Seattle City Councilmember and Education Committee Chair, I know that our public school kids and their families need a fighter on the Seattle School Board. Rebeca will be that fighter. She will work tirelessly to lift up Seattle's working class families and all students in our public schools with a strong racial equity lens. Join me in supporting Rebeca in her fight for educational justice!


Seattle School Board Director Scott Pinkham

I am endorsing Rebeca with confidence. I trust her to make the right decisions when it comes to protecting and sustaining Native American voice in our schools and curriculum. Qe'ciyew'yew (Thank you) for your support of curriculum that is inclusive of all perspectives.


St. Representative Melanie Morgan, 29th District-S. Tacoma

As a former school board director for Franklin Pierce Schools, I stand with Rebeca's call to support families, build trust in vulnerable communities, and address racial inequities in her community. She understands the challenges and barriers of being a first generation college student. Her voice and leadership will be a great addition to the Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors.


Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

I'm endorsing Rebeca because her voice is needed on the board. She is a fierce new undefined voice and will fight to protect students, teachers and families. She'll ensure that education is accessible to all students.


Former Seattle School Board Director Harium Martin-Morris



Beto Yarce Nonprofit leader and Entrepreneur

Rebeca speaks about the challenges of families and students with compassion and urgency. She wants to give hard-working teachers and students the attention they deserve. I’m excited she cares about working towards a more inclusive district. She’s also aware of her own heritage and culture, which will strengthen the understanding of cultural diversity for the board. She’s smart, thoughtful and dynamic. I think she’ll make an awesome Seattle School Board Director.

Rebeca is a young and vibrant voice with a fresh face to politics that can affect the outcomes of our children! She experienced the public school systems and witnessed the racism and disparities that our black and brown children face on a daily basis. She understands that the public school system operates as a pipeline to prison and the reality of it in our communities. She’ll fight against it with focus, new narratives and vision.
— Executive Director of Community Passageways Dominique Davis
Rebeca is sharp, thoughtful, kind and sincere. She’s an experienced advocate who cares deeply about people and equity. She is a leader for the people who is a contribution to any effort in which she takes part.
— Adam H. KOL, J.D.