Transparency and Accountability

I have three things I care most about. First, Transparency and Accountability. I want to lead with the community behind me, not the other way around. This means I will commit to weekly office hours at accessible locations. I will make sure that all resources are inclusive for dual language speaking families. I want to make sure that my digital presence is kept up to date and accessible to the community. Finally, I want to ensure I’m transparent about the budget, an issue where most leaders aren’t inclusive enough.

Increased Opportunity for ALL Students

Second, I want to Increase Opportunities for ALL Students.  I will fight for a greater focus on racial equity and inclusion in all levels of the School Board.  We need to address the specific needs of students, from providing ethnic studies, to increasing girls’ participation in STEM activities, to after-school opportunities that serve low-income students, queer students, and students of color.

Student Stability  

Third, Student Stability, we need to increase wraparound services for students experiencing housing instability. There should be a Family engagement professional at EVERY SCHOOL. We also need to review and reform current disciplinary practices that harm students of color at higher rates.

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What will we change next?